Retro-Fits, Upgrades

Why buy a new piece of equipment when we can design upgrades and retro-fits for your existing equipment?

Why Buy New?

Retro-fits can be a tricky business.  What you need is experience: Applied Kinetics has collectively seen thousands of pieces of machinery and worked in a wide variety of plants.  You can trust us to deliver the best solution for upgrading even the oldest equipment for much less than it would cost to buy new.

Servo-motion upgrades are our specialty, but we also have extensive experience with retro-fits to hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, fixtures and tooling, just to name a few.

Upgrades for improved performance, greater reliability, or a broader product capability are worth considering.

Applied Kinetics's capabilities include, but are not limited to, upgrades or retro-fits in the following areas:
• Servo systems
• Hydraulics
• Pneumatics
• Cam drives
• Fixturing
• Robot end-of-arm tools
• Structural members

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