Bearing Assembly

Applied Kinetics retrofitted a machine to handle a new product line, and supplied electronic drawings for the existing paper-only design.


When a bearing manufacturer required updates to a machine in order to support a new product line it was discovered that many of the existing drawings were only available as paper copies.  Applied Kinetics recreated existing drawings.


Bearing Assembly Equipment


Precision Manufacturing


1 per second


Applied Kinetics was called upon to create electronic versions of existing paper drawings and design new components to allow an existing machine to assemble a new needle bearing configuration.

The new versions of the drawings allowed for accurate assemblies to be created, checking for interference between new and existing components.  New purchased components were sourced to match client preferences based on their experience and recommendation.  A complete package, including all components and assemblies, was created for the client so that future modifications and maintenance on the equipment can be performed with ease.

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