Focus on NUCLEAR

Applied Kinetics has experience and expertise in the nuclear industry.  Applied Kinetics understands the unique design requirements of the nuclear industry, and has a proven track record of success.  Look to Applied Kinetics for mechanical design services for your nuclear industry projects.

Focus on NUCLEAR

Applied Kinetics is well positioned to participate in the increasingly active nuclear industry.  With plenty of new nuclear equipment design programs underway, Applied Kinetics is participating by providing mechanical design and associated services to the industry.

The nuclear industry presents the mechanical design profession with many unique challenges.  Applied Kinetics has experience designing equipment that is well-suited to unique nuclear industry environments: spent fuel pools and radioactive hot cells to name a few.  We also have experience designing equipment that is suitable for manipulation by remote manipulators, and is designed for ease of decontamination.

SolidWorks SolidEdgeApplied Kinetics works with the two most common CAD systems used in the Canadian nuclear industry today: SolidWorks and SolidEdge.

Applied Kinetics provides the following services to the nuclear industry:

    • - Mechanical design of nuclear industry equipment
  • - Design documentation per nuclear industry standards
  • - Analysis of designs using FEA, empirical calculations, and other tools.
  • - On-site measurement and surveys
  • - Operating and maintenance manuals

Mechanical Design of Nuclear Equipment
Applied Kinetics understands the unique requirements of the nuclear industry.

We regret that we cannot include more pictures of our nuclear projects , due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the work.

See the Nuclear Case Studies in the Case Studies menu to the right, for a little more information regarding a few of our recent Nuclear Industry projects.

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