Press Frame FEA

Hydraulic press frame, analyzed using FEA.


FEA is an effective tool for press frame design in order to provide adequate strength and stiffness at minimum cost.
Applied Kinetics has analyzed press frames from 2000 lbs to 2000 tons.

Project: Press Frame FEA
Industry: Metal Forming
Press Type: Hydraulic
Analysis: Finite Element Stress
and Deflection


Applied Kinetics was engaged to analyze a 75 ton press frame to ensure that it would not fail in service and that it was an efficient use of steel.  An initial analysis indicated that there was a significant risk of fatigue failure in the first year of service.  Applied Kinetics recommended that reinforcements be added to reduce the peak stress in the ribs.  The thickness of the outboard ribs was reduced to lower cost, and dead weight was removed from the rib corners. The optimized design reduced the peak stress below the endurance limit while also reducing the total cost.

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