Robot Pedestal

Are your robot pedestals up to the job?  Do you need to mount a robot in an unusual location?


ABB Robotics required a pedestal to mount a robot on the side of a large press... and they needed it yesterday.

Project: Robot Pedestals

Industry: Automotive

Material: Steel


At Applied Kinetics we understand the need to provide a rigid (stiff) platform for articulated robots.  Robot pedestals must also be designed to withstand the high forces and moments generated by operational and E-stop conditions.  Applied Kinetics was approached to design and analyse a robot platform quickly.  Analysis was performed using FEA.  The structure was designed to withstand operational loads, two different E-stop loading cases, and to meet natural frequency specifications.

The stiffness requirements of robot pedestals are often misunderstood. All robotics manufacturers be it ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, or any number of other popular robotics manufacturers rate the accuracy of their robots based on a specific stifness of the mounting platform.  It is usually pretty easy to make the platform strong enough, but making it stiff enough can be a real challenging design problem.    Applied Kinetics has the skills, knowledge, tools and expertise to get it right, fast.

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