Thermal FEA

Novel heat sealer design was analyzed using thermal FEA.


FEA is an excellent means to evaluate steady state and transient thermal properties of existing or new designs.
To the right is the start-up thermal time response Applied Kinetics analyzed for a new sealer concept design .

Project: Seal Thermal Analysis
Industry: Food Packaging
Analysis: Transient and Steady State Thermal FEA


The conclusion, after Thermal FEA analysis, was that the proposed sealer design was feasible.  Applied Kinetics determined that the heating element required 300W to maintain the required 185°C for sealing to occur, and that the design contained enough thermal mass to ensure a uniform seal.  Applied Kinetics also concluded that only a minimum temperature drop was experienced by the sealer during operation and that the start up time of the device, if using a 300W heater, would be as low as 2 minutes.

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