Thermal & Heat Transfer Analysis

We use an array of possible tools, from empirical calculations to multi-cycle, thermo-stress-fatigue FEA based analysis to match the right software to the project.

 Heat transfer and thermal analysis was once a black art.  100 years of research have provided reliable empirical equations that, when used correctly, can lead to results typically accurate to +/-20%.  At Applied Kinetics we understand the intricacies of using these complex equations and are experienced in using them to deliver fast, cost efficient results.  From jet impingement through condensation, heat exchanger efficiency, and dynamic steam systems in both steady state and transient circumstances we have a solution that will fit your need.

Typical Empirical Equation

Typical Heat Transfer Equation

Sometimes the simple solution is not adequate.  Some of our customers require more sophisticated results then the empirical method can provide or want a better visual picture of the process.  There are also many examples of problems that are just too complex to deal with in the traditional way.  In these cases we rely on FEA based computer analysis using the latest software coupled with well trained engineers.  This is particularly effective, for instance, when a thermal analysis is combined with a stress analysis over one or more thermal cycles.  The product, a transient-thermal-stress analysis, can then be used to determine fatigue properties of a component or system.


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