Manipulator Retrofit

This manipulator was developed for use in the Tire Manufacturing Industry.

When a tire manufacturer was struggling with an end effector on their tray handling robot, Applied Kinetics developed a new, reliable, end effector.

Applied Kinetics was called in to design a new retro-fit robotic end effector onto an existing tire manufacturing robot.  The existing end-effector was not consistently gripping the tray, and was requiring too much maintenance.  A re-designed unit was needed.

Project: End Effector Retrofit

Industry: Tire Manufacturing

Technology: Pneumatic/Vacuum

Cycle Speed: 1.5 sec.

The new design was much more sophisticated, with precise control over the necessary degrees-of-freedom compliance, redundant vacuum cups, cup alignment rollers, and a much more robust structure.  Pneumatic valves were mounted at the end-effector for quicker response time.

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