High Speed Filler

Eight-wide high speed dairy filler. (Food Industry)


All stainless high speed filler.  Use for production of ice-cream cones, ice-cream cups, fruit cups, etc.

Modular design can be re-configured for different products.


High Speed Filler


Food Processing


21 Weeks

Motion Technology:



100% Stainless


 3A Dairy

 Wash Down:



In the food processing industry cleanliness is essential.  Applied Kinetics developed this 100% stainless steel high speed filling machine to have a long life and remain easy to sterilize.  All components are Clean In Place (CIP.)

Applied Kinetics ensured that the filler was fully programmable, in order to enable our client get the most out of the machine.  Actual tests showed filling capacities of 800 containers per hour, or over 150L/h.

This machine was featured front-and-center at the 2003 Food Expo in Chicago.  At the time it was the highest output, most flexible filling system in the world.

This machine features many unique capabilities, making it the most advanced and flexible filling system ever developed at the time.  Most stations are servo controlled for speed and flexibility.  The control system uses a graphic user interface for simple set-up and customisation.  Clean-in-place design was exhaustively applied to ensure rapid sanitation and change-over.



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