Design for Manufacture

Applied Kinetics uses our knowledge of manufacturing to decrease build costs and reduce lead times.

Whether we're designing a custom machine or making changes to a line of standard products, at Applied Kinetics we realise that our clients' expenses do not end when the drawings are delivered.  In order to minimise your total project cost, we strive to ensure ease of manufacture in all our designs. This means more than just fully defined, easy to read drawings. It means minimising the amount of wasted material in each part. It means proper selection of material grade and finish and choosing readily available stock sizes. It means reducing unnecessary machining and evaluating alternate manufacturing methods. It means simplifying assembly procedures.

Looking to automate your manufacturing process? Not only can Applied Kinetics design the automation equipment, we can also help design or redesign your product to ensure that it is suitable for the automation process. This may be as simple as the creation of consistent datums or the addition of tooling holes to simplify manufacturing and inspection. We may go as far as recommending an alternative style of packaging which is less costly to integrate into an automated line.

Quality concerns? Our designs ensure that process variables are minimised, meaning you can rely on repeatable output, every time.

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