Cementation System

Nuclear Industry client uses Applied Kinetics to design waste cementation system.


Active Liquid Waste Cementation System for the Nuclear Industry.






Hot Cell

Service Life:

40 years


Applied Kinetics was retained to design a Cementation system for concentrated Active Liquid Waste (ALW.)  The ALW is combined with cement and mixed in a special long-term storage vessel. 

The Equipment: Applied Kinetics designed the cementation mechanism, mixing apparatus, and the long-term storage vessel itself.  All equipment was designed for minimal maintenance over its 40 year service life, and all equipment was specially designed for operation within a 'hot cell' (high radiation environment.)  The designs were tailored to suit operation and maintenance via remote manipulator only. Careful attention to manipulator capabilities and lines of sight within the cell made this possible.

The Challenges:  All of the service and repair components would need to be introduced to the hot cell through a very small flask portal.  This necessitated design of a very modular system, where replacement sub-assemblies would be small enough to fit through the flask, and suitable for re-constitution within the cell. As is always the case with critical systems like this, seismic conditions were also a serious consideration in the design.

All fasteners were custom-designs, to suit the very limited manipulator tools available, and to ensure that they were all self-retained. 

This project was initiated very late in the program, and design/build schedules were exceptionally tight.  Applied Kinetics delivered, with flying colours.

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