Confidentiality Policy

Your confidential information, design ownership, and intellectual property rights are always protected at Applied Kinetics.

Applied Kinetics goes to great lengths to protect all of our clients information for every project. Our policy on Intellectual Property (IP) is clear:

• YOU keep all rights to every project
YOU own the design
• YOU are free to duplicate, resell, or redesign as you see fit
• All work that is done by Applied Kinetics or its employees is the property of the client, and will always be held in the strictest confidence.
• All technical developments and/or inventions (whether patentable or not)developed by Applied Kinetics Inc. specifically for the client are the property of the client.
• Contracts that exist between Applied Kinetics and our clients are retained in full confidence.
• Client’s names are not disclosed without prior permission.
• All documents that are discarded at Applied Kinetics are shredded, guaranteeing maximum confidentiality.
• A copy of all work that is done by Applied Kinetics for our clients is normally kept in our offices. These files are kept for quick reference, should our client require information. All files can destroyed at the completion of the project if requested by the client.
• Our offices are protected by an electronic security system, and are automatically locked after business hours, or whenever the premises are not occupied, thereby protecting the confidentiality of all documents stored on-site.
• Images of work done by Applied Kinetics for our clients that are hung on the walls of our offices are hung with permission only.
• Images of work done by Applied Kinetics for our clients that are used in Applied Kinetics promotional materials are used with permission only.


For more information on this subject, or to address any concerns you may have please contact us.  Applied Kinetics received consent for all promotional photos and project information before posting it on this site. 

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