Sample Drawings

Curious about our drawing style?  Want to see some sample drawings from Applied Kinetics?

"Drafting is more than a skill, it is an art."

At Applied Kinetics we strive to create clear, concise drawings for our customers.  Through mentoring our engineers hone their drawing skills to be efficient, systematic and complete and carry on the art of drafting.  See for yourself and download examples of our drawings

A0001 Upper Level Assembly (PDF)
A0002 Gripper Clamp Sub-Assembly (PDF)
M0001 Main Journal Block (PDF)
M0002 Robot Flange Adapter (PDF)
M0003 Slide Carriage Bracket (PDF)
M0004 Gripper Shaft (PDF)
m0005 X Axis Datum Block(PDF)
m0006 Take Up Pulley (PDF)

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